Monday, December 8, 2008

Friday Night

Hi All,

I lost my password for my other blog which was titled "Let Me Say This..." I'm not very computer literate so this is my best solution.

I had a seizure on Friday night at a handball tournament. I've had epilepsy for 35 years and I always think I'm past caring much about what other people think of my seizures or my epilepsy in general. There was a second day of the tournament and I went to that also. I really had to force myself a little to go. I can't say I was embarrassed to return to "ground zero," but I certainly felt uncomfortable. I know everybody was fine with my seizure. Apparently there was a nurse who helped me out at the tournament and all people who saw me the next day were very understanding. But I still felt funny. Not embarrassed but... Well I guess its hard to put into words exactly how I felt.

I hope there will be people who read this blog and respond. I'd rather not be a "voice in the wilderness."

Best of Regards,